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  • Why it's critical for every small business to get online as quickly as possible – and why businesses that fail to do this are going broke every day
  • Who you should rely on to design your website – and why a techie is probably the worst person to do this for you
  • The 7 things that your website MUST do. Leave out one piece of this puzzle and your online business will really struggle.
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  • The 8 marketing strategies you must be using to attract customers to your website and your business. PLUS the 4 latest online marketing trends that savvy business owners are using to reap huge rewards.

"More income in the last 5 weeks than I made in all of last year"

"Following your online business advice has meant that my business has generated more income in the last 5 weeks than I made in all of last year. And profit margins are through the roof! Thank you Andrew and Daryl".

Annette Corrie, International Fashion Designer, Director La Mode College of Fashion Design

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"Less than 5 months ago, I had one group of clients at a set price and a severe shortage of time to service more of them. By applying Andrew and Daryl's system to my business I've been able to triple my income, while working less hours". 

Adam Gibson, CEO, Lifestyle Practitioner Academy.

Gone are the days when you were able to compete fair and square with other businesses in town.

Today it’s game on…

Unless you have an active and properly structured online presence, you are going to be outplayed, outsmarted and outwitted by your competition.

The widely published statistics are proof enough. It’s time you took the bull by the horns and acted.

Recently we’ve toured Australia, giving talks to business owners like you. In a number of workshops and seminars we’ve shown people like you how to get their business online.

The Internet has changed the way we do business. Unless you position your business correctly NOW you are going to be left behind.

Aside from getting the lowdown on all the latest marketing techniques and how you can take your business online without wasting time and money you also discover:

  • Why you must understand buyer behavior to stay competitive.
  • How you can cater to convenience shoppers so they keep buying from you.
  • Strategic ways to tap into social media so your business is positioned correctly in front of millions.
  • Secrets to capture the attention of money-conscious buyers – and have them buy from you, without resorting to discounting and price wars.
  • How to WOW your customers by giving them a shopping experience they never forget.
  • Ways to save money by automating many of your business processes with the help of clever software and systems.

You have a choice to make. You can ignore the opportunities or act on them now and reap the rewards.