How to Increase The Success of Your Offline Business, Online

If you have an offline business, you may already have a website that compliments it. If it isn’t bringing in business for you, or you don’t yet have a website to work with your offline business, it’s important for you to keep reading.  It is vital for the longevity of your business to have a successful online presence.

This is the age of the internet, there’s no use trying to hide from it.


Ø  Facebook, if classified as a country, would be the 3rd biggest country in the world

Ø  There are over 2 billion people globally that use the internet daily



Australian online commerce is now forecast to be worth as much as $37.7 billion by the year 2013, according to Forrester research cited in a new report released this week by Paypal Australia.” (

These are serious numbers, so it’s critical that your website engages your potential customers.

Here are 7 Key important strategies that will help your website convert ‘interest’ into sales for your offline business.

7 Key Strategies for A Successful Website


1.   Grab Attention and Provide Solutions

·         On average you have 6 seconds to get the attention for a visitor and convince them to stay on your website

·         Be upfront, be obvious and be clear about what your business can do for your customer


2.   Make Your Business/Service Stand Out

·         Identify how you are different to all your competitors

·         Be compelling, so the site visitor feels drawn to contact you


3.   Be Visually Appealing and Engaging

·         Have a good looking website with:

o     appropriate graphics

o    attention grabbing headlines

o    relevant information

·         Cluttered pages, too many colours or inappropriate colours and cheap graphics will drive people away


4.   Design to Convert!

You want to know who’s visiting your website and have a clear objective of what you want them to do.

The flow of the website must be clear and lead the visitor to take whatever action you want them to take.


5.   Systems to Manage Enquiries or Sales

Your website should ideally integrate with a Client Relationship Management (CRM) & Email marketing system – this helps ‘follow ups’ to be timely and automated.


6.   Place Importance on Functionality

It’s critical to your business that your website works well –

·         Beware of graphics that take too long to load

·         Make sure the navigation is obvious and easy to follow


7.   Integrate Your Offline and Online Activities

·         Draw people to the connection between your online and offline business with special promotions to entice them to your offline business

·         Show your website visitors where you are with a Google Map

Integration between offline and online businesses is a brilliant way to build relationships and increase repeat business.


Having an online presence is essential in business today.  Websites are amazing tools when it comes to attracting new business, as well as solidifying relationships with existing customers.  Designed well, with purpose and optimisation of the 7 key strategies, your website will improve the connection between you and your customers, improve exposure to your business and ramp up the ability for your site to convert ‘interest’ into sales.

Remember, if your website is not much more than an online business card or brochure, you are wasting money and opportunity.


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