Promotional Resources

We've put together a bunch of resources you can use to promote How To Take Your Business Online.You'll find below a few hints on how to use each resource.

Add Your Unique Link: Firstly, before you use any of the resources – make sure you add your unique link, so we can track sales back to you.  You'll see in each resource we've included a spot where you can add your unique link.



You're welcome to use any or all of the articles below as articles or blogposts on your website, or upload them to article directories. We suggest that you edit the articles a little to reflect your "voice". Google doesn't like duplicate content, and neither does the largest article site The article directories will run these articles through software which searches the internet and looks for the same info. If it finds another article which contains 80% or more duplicate content, it may reject it. So the best thing to do is edit the articles so they contain different titles, headings, adjectives or verbs. Maybe you could add a bit more info. What you don't want to do is change the facts. You also need to ensure that each article is at least 400 words long, to be accepted in the article directories.



We’ve provided several emails you can send out to your list of prospects and customers. We suggest you edit these to reflect “your voice” – ie: use the conversational style your customers are used to receiving from you. Don’t forget to include your exclusive link.



PPC Ads: We’ve prepared a few PPC ads you may like to run on Facebook. Choose Australia as the region, and then narrow the demographic choices to select people with businesses or interests which you think will reflect people who would be good candidates for How to Take Your Business Online. You might like to target one specific type of business (eg: Restaurants or Dentists or Landscapers) to begin with and see how it goes, then test another. Don’t forget to add your exclusive link as the external URL

Status Updates: Our status updates doc contains several short attention grabbing sentences you can add to your status with your special link



In our twitter resource doc you’ll find a heap of short tweets you can send out to your twitter followers. We suggest you use the shortened version of your exclusive link so you keep within the 140 character limit.